What is Price-matching and what are the terms?

♥  Price matching is only available for Japanese cosmetics as they are the only items where we can confirm that the item matched is the exact same product.
♥  If you see another online shop selling the exact same Japanese product for less than our price – this may also include sasa.com. Please email us the item you wish to purchase from our store with the link(s) from the website you would like to price match with and we will consider to do a price match for you.
♥  We do not price match on postage.
♥  We only consider price matching on the original price of the product and not on the sale price.
♥  Price matching is offered as a courtesy and not a mandatory service. We have the right to decline the price match.

Why are cosmetics excluded from all sales and promotions?

The competition on Japanese cosmetics is quite high as a lot of online shops are selling them. We try to keep our prices competitive and therefore our profit margin is much lower than our other items in store. Therefore we cannot afford to give any more discounts on our Japanese cosmetics unless through a price-match.

Are your stocks genuine? Where are they from?

All Japanese cosmetics and false lashes are 100% genuine and fully imported from Japan.

Japanese branded clothing such as Liz Lisa and WC are genuine unless otherwise stated. The reason that the price is much lower than retail prices is because these items are sourced straight from the Liz Lisa and WC factories. That means it is the same material, same workmanship and same cuttings. However some items may be missing their labels because they are required to be removed and sometimes buttons may be changed, however the quality is still assured.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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